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The energetic leap of a cheetah inspired the shape of Mazda CX‑5


The powerful, athletic stance of KODO Design emphasise the signature wing and grille.

CX-5 grille


LED headlamps give the
CX-5 an even greater presence (GT and Akera only).

CX-5 headlamps

Alloy wheels

Machined surface alloy wheels create a more dynamic sense of style.

CX-5 allow wheels

Rear lighting

The LED rear lighting signatures create a distinct shape that is recognisably Mazda (GT and Akera only).

CX-5 rear lighting

MZD Connect

The intuitive 7 inch screen lets you access the online world via your smartphone, opening up a wide range of content.

CX-5 MZD Connect

Multi-function commander

The multi-function commander allows effortless selection of menus and functions with minimum distraction.

CX-5 Multi-function commander closup

Electric parking brake

Now you can simply press a button to engage and disengage the parking brake.

CX-5 electric parking brake toggle closup

Bose® premium audio system

Music reaches another level with premium Bose® digital audio delivering 231 watts of power through 9 speakers (GT and Akera only).

CX-5 Bose® premium audio system door speaker


High-quality materials and smartly-designed decoration heighten the feeling of comfort and elegance.

CX-5 white trim seating closup
CX-5 interior space with the back seats up
CX-5 interior space with the back seats down
CX-5 seat with pure white leather trim

Pure white leather amplifies contrast and creates an open and inviting cabin. Grand Touring and Akera only.

CX-5 seat with black leather trim

The luxury of superb black leather seats is heightened by contrasting stitching. Grand Touring and Akera only.

CX-5 (Maxx) seat with black cloth trim

High quality cloth in Maxx adds to the comfort offered by supportive seats.

CX-5 (Maxx Sport) seat with black cloth trim

Premium cloth in Maxx Sport features superbly crafted patterns and highlight stitching.

CX-5 rear with boot open

Even with the rear seats raised, the cargo area can accommodate four big golf bags.

Golf bag illustration
× 4 golf bags
CX-5 19 inch alloy wheel

Stunning 19” alloy wheels add to the athletic, elegant presence of CX-5.

CX-5 17 inch alloy wheel

17” alloy wheels give CX-5 a sporty look and enhance its outstanding handling.

CX-5 17 inch steel wheel

Dynamic 17” steel wheels amplify the Mazda CX-5 sense of style.

CX-5 vehicle

Choose your favourite style

MZD Connect

Wherever you go, you're connected

When you’re on the move in Mazda CX-5, your online world moves with you. Simply connect your compatible smart phone and MZD Connect links you to a load of content including Facebook and Twitter feeds, radio, podcasts and more.

Simply link your smartphone and MZD Connect gives you access to your music, contacts and social networks all from a single screen.

Get access to a whole world of entertainment. Pandora®, Aha™ and Stitcher™ are all built into MZD Connect's interface. Simply connect your smart phone using Bluetooth® and start listening.

All your radio stations, favourite contacts and regular destinations. MZD Connect remembers the things you like, and makes sure that they are always easy to reach.

With touchscreen, voice command, or the multi-function commander control, setting up navigation, sound, display and vehicle settings is simply effortless.

CX-5 exterior
Press and drag to rotate view


Featuring radar, cameras and driver warnings, i‑ACTIVSENSE advanced safety technologies give you added confidence in all driving conditions. Like every vehicle in the Mazda range, Mazda CX‑5 has been awarded the maximum 5‑Star ANCAP Safety Rating.

ANCAP 5 star safety rating logo

LAS intervenes in steering operation if it detects the vehicle veering out of control. The system also warns you to stay inside your lane, safely using a buzzer and steering wheel vibration.

DAA learns your driving habits whilst in operation and if it detects sleepiness or inattention due to fatigue, it prompts you take a short break.

SCBS monitors the vehicle in front to assess if a collision is likely. If it detects risk, it primes the brakes and can even brake automatically if you don’t. Also works in reverse at speeds of 2-8km/h.

The Adaptive LED Headlamps system selectively turns off some of its multi LEDs, minimising high beam glare for other drivers.

The Adaptive LED Headlamps system cleverly adjusts shape and pattern to illuminate a wider peripheral area, enhancing visibility during lower speed driving.

In highway mode, the high beams of the Adaptive LED Headlamps system are raised at higher speeds to extend your field of vision.

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